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Communication with client’s is one of the most important factors in the investment management relationship. Our regular reports cover market and economic conditions and portfolio performance, vis-à-vis client’s investment objectives.

  • Starting with the initial meetings to determine clients’ investment objectives and throughout the ongoing relationship, we employ a combination of personal and written reports to make clients fully aware of their investment results.
  • Clients receive monthly statements from the custodian – investment dealer, bank or trust company – that they have chosen. Our firm receives a copy of this material and we reconcile it against our records to provide comprehensive quarterly reports and services.
  • Each quarter, Northland Wealth Management Inc. provides clients with a portfolio evaluation and investment strategy outline for the upcoming periods.
  • Four times a year clients receive our newsletter which explains our evolving economic overview and resulting investment strategy.
  • Annually, clients receive a summary of capital gains or losses for income tax reporting, a summary of dividend and interest income, and an investment performance summary.

Our commitment is to provide each client with a performance review each quarter. Often this is done in the context of a personal meeting, if the client so desires. In addition, we are receptive to open discussion with our clients about their portfolios and investment goals at any time.


Building on our strengths, Northland Wealth Management brings experience and an objective view to the decisions we make on behalf of our clients as follows.

  • Our opinions are unbiased. We take no position of action that might prejudice our advice or usefulness to our clients.
  • We have no conflict of interest. Although we determine when to make transactions on behalf of clients, we never earn sales fees or commissions from these trades.
  • All of our income is earned through competitive, tiered fees, charged in relation to assets managed. We prosper exclusively as our clients’ investments grow.
  • Our objectivity enables us to offer only those strategies and advice that are in the best interest of our clients.
  • We provide full disclosure through comprehensive reporting to ensure our clients have complete transparency.

Northland Wealth Management has restricted access to assets of Client portfolios. The managed portfolio service of Northland comprises individualized, segregated accounts whose assets are held by third-party custodians.
As Northland never acts as Custodian of portfolio assets, it has no access to portfolio assets except for payment of management fees in accordance with the contractual arrangement concluded with the client of the managed portfolio. We have no access ever to cash or portfolio assets of clients. These are under the control of third-party custodian at all times.

Each portfolio is managed based upon and in accordance with information obtained from the completed Know Your Client form. This information is summarized in an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which outlines the asset allocations of the various portfolios as well as the risk parameters of each while considering the overall financial situation of the client. The IPS is signed by both parties and is considered the guiding document when managing portfolios according to the individualized mandates of each client.

Understanding You

Open and ongoing dialogue is the key to the success of any relationship. At Northland we also believe that to be true. Before we propose a solution or make any recommendations, we will hold in-depth discussions with you and, if you wish, your family members and professional advisors. We believe that it is paramount that we understand our client`s investment and overall financial situation before developing a specific and individualized mandate.

At the beginning of our relationship, these discussions allow us to gain a thorough understanding of not just your current personal situation and financial goals, but also the long –term dreams and aspirations you and your family share. In addition, our conversations are an opportunity for you to learn about how we work together and what you can expect from us. Like any professional, as our relationship grows, an ongoing dialogue helps us ensure that we remain up-to-date on your situation and anticipate and respond to your family`s evolving needs at every stage of your life. We like to compare ourselves to the small town Doctor of years gone by. He would not only have an in-depth understanding of your health, but also all things important to you including your family, business, social interests and more. Effectively these components make your situation unique. It is that level of understanding that we feel builds strong, long-lasting, trusted relationships.

Planning Services

At Northland Wealth Management we have the ability to provide Financial Planning services to our clientele. Through the use of sophisticated software and extensive experience in the financial services industry we are able to produce a variety of reports ranging from a comprehensive Life Plan to a simple forecast of cash-flow.

The information you share with us enables us to establish a comprehensive personal profile, analyze your needs and determine the right course of action. Together we can explore topics such as:

  • The level of financial security you have achieved and wish to achieve
  • The goals you have set for retirement, education funding and other needs
  • The individual interests and financial needs of your family members
  • The need for effective tax planning
  • The financial security of your family in the event of the unexpected
  • Your investment objectives, risk tolerance and income needs
  • Your need for a Will and estate and trust planning

At Northland we use a common sense approach to planning and focus on thinking ahead to avoid potential issues down the road. Simplifying your overall financial situation is often the most effective strategy to maximize the accumulation, preservation and transition of wealth; and also provide the peace of mind all investors desire.

Team Approach

Northland Wealth Management consists of a group of like-minded professionals with expertise in various disciplines of finance. Sharing a common vision, we bring over 150+ years of experience to the table leveraging what we have learned in the past and continuing to build on our knowledge base.

Inspired by the foresight and drive of the `Group of Seven` who were artisans in the true sense, our team strives to provide the highest level of service to our clientele, providing solutions that are not constrained by the ideals of institutions, but rather are the best solutions available.

At Northland, we believe in the concept of team and utilize that concept in every facet of our business.

Each relationship is assigned a primary relationship team that consists of a Portfolio Manager and a Relationship Manager. This provides our clients with the best of both worlds; direct engagement with portfolio managers as well as interaction with the Relationship Management team. This provides us the ability to obtain a greater understanding of our client`s needs by having multiple perspectives and approaches.

Our Portfolio Management Team is responsible for the day-to-day management of client portfolios. This entails, regular review and re-balancing of portfolio`s, investment research, interacting with our global network of Analysts as well as client interaction. Our model provides our Portfolio Managers with both the independence and stability necessary to effectively manage portfolios through changing markets.

Our Relationship Managers are focused on building strong relationships with our clients, through a great understanding of their current financial situation and future needs and regular communication. This allows them the opportunity to uncover and address future needs in a pro-active manner.

We strongly believe that we also become a member of our client`s team, either interacting with professionals already in place or introducing our clients to those who can best help them from our extensive network or wealth oriented professionals if required.

Everyone at Northland Wealth Management involved in the process and actions overseeing, managing or assisting in the operation of the portfolios – in the exercise of their fiduciary responsibilities - acts with the utmost professionalism, competence, good faith, honesty, integrity, loyalty and undivided service for the best interests of our clients.

Strong Relationships

At Northland we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have developed with our clientele. These relationships are the foundation of the personalized service that we offer. Through open and effective communication and an in-depth understanding of our clients, their families and those who matter to them, we have formed strong bonds of trust that span generations. That trust allows us to take our relationships beyond the point of a typical advisor and have the tough conversations that are sometimes required to uncover an issue that needs to be addressed.

It is only with this level of trust that a true Wealth Manager can effectively provide the solutions and opportunities to the individual client.


Our value proposition is clear & concise…

Comprehensive Wealth Management advice and services utilizing investment and planning solutions from around the world exclusively tailored to your needs and those of your family.