• Jeff Sproul

“If you don’t have your health; what do you have?”

As the old saying goes, it seems that as individuals we tend to focus a lot more on our financial well-being rather than our physical and mental well-being.

Beyond our public health-care system, which assists the majority of Canadians with their health care needs, supplementary services such as Executive Medical programs, counseling and executive/life coaching services have been available in numerous forms and variations for many years.

Originally designed for executives of major corporations, these services have expanded to accommodate the needs of an ever growing High Net Worth community.

Executive medical programs offer a high-caliber experience and a level of attention that is typically unavailable through an annual check-up with a general practitioner. For mental health concerns, many individuals have access to programs through their employer. However, many also find it difficult to navigate through the system to find the customization, exclusivity or depth that they really need. Finally, professional/executive or life coaching has also become well-entrenched for High Net Worth individuals. However, professional coaches function completely separately from the physical/mental health system. While each of these services has their own inherent strengths in supporting the various aspects of an individual’s physical or psychological well-being, there remains a serious drawback in that each service operates independently, and as a result less effectively than they should to optimize an individual’s health and well-being.

If the drawback in supporting an individual’s performance and wellbeing is that these services don’t work together, then the solution is integration. The benefits of integration are two-fold:

1. Integration maximizes the value of each independent program and eliminates many of the shortcomings that occur when they operate in silos. 2. Seamless cross-referrals from one program to another enable clinical efficacy, operational efficiency, proactivity, convenience and comprehensive support for the full range of health and performance compromising problems individuals may face throughout the year and in their lifetime.

At Northland Wealth Management, we believe in finding the very best solutions and resources that ensure our clients can sleep well at night and have peace of mind. By combining the expertise of our team of Wealth Managers, with that of Executive Resolve, we are able to provide the ultimate holistic solution that will ensure our client’s financial, physical and emotional wellbeing will always be safeguarded.

EXECUTIVE RESOLVE was borne out of an appreciation and conviction that best-in-class medical, counseling, coaching and consulting services must be offered in a seamless, convenient, high touch and integrated fashion in order to truly serve an individual’s needs. Their solution is straightforward: to provide individuals with immediate access to executive level support across a wide dimension of personal, emotional, medical and work related issues that, if left unaddressed, could derail performance, productivity, as well as professional and personal fulfillment. Beginning with the initial intake by a highly-trained case manager and seamless triage to best-in-class physicians, clinicians, coaches and consultants through to continuity and quality in case management and total client experience, the process has been designed to offer exclusive care for an individual’s physical, emotional and behavioural needs when they need it.

To find out more about how the Executive Resolve solution can assist yourself or a loved one, either visit their website at www.executiveresolve.ca or simply contact our office and we would be happy to make an introduction.

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