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Recommended Reading

Updated: May 9, 2020

Preparing Heirs by Roy Williams & Vic Preisser Successful businessman Roy Williams and experienced family coach Vic Preisser successfully and expertly collaborate to present Preparing Heirs: Five Steps To A Successful Transition Of Family Wealth And Values, a straightforward guide to facilitating the smooth transfer of great wealth from one generation to the next.

Golf Handbook : Complete Guide to the Greatest Game by Vivien Saunders This book covers every element of the game for beginners, from golf fundamentals (stance, grip and so on) to reading the scorecard. There are tons of photos and illustrations to help the reader understand the material. It’s concise and straightforward. And it also goes into golf history, how the clubs work, and much more.

The Family Constitution by Daniela Montemerlo & John L. Ward Agreements to secure and perpetuate your family and your business. The authors have combined their theoretical preparation with their wide practical experience, giving us a new, very actual vision on family constitutions’ formulations and on their effect over time.