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Updated: May 9, 2020

Willing Wisdom: 7 Questions to Ask Before You Die

By: Tom Deans

Dean's publication is more a gift than a book, or maybe a gift wrapped in a book. Adjectives that come to mind are progressive, emotionally intelligent, sensitive, loving, helpful, and enlightened.

We all recognize the complexity of family relationships under the best circumstances. Dean's book provides the foundation for revealing a critical element to a happy life and a healthy, intentional way of looking at our relationship to money. Wealth and its pursuit is for many people a defining element in their life. (i.e. no money, not enough money, too much money). Each of these wealth circumstances brings its own forms of gift and suffering. This suffering can be no more acute than at the time of a family death and the revealing of wills. Dean presents ideas that ask us to re-assess and better understand the role of money in our lives and its impact on the health of our family system.