• Arthur Salzer

Summer 2014 - Preface

At Northland Wealth, unlike traditional advisors at brokerage firms and banks, we concentrate on the entire wealth of the family – both financial and personal. In this edition of The Artisan we begin with our Market Insight, which features current issues and our views on the market.

We then focus on the creation of a successful next generation of family with the article “The Dreaded Inheritance Talk”, accompanied by “A Conversation with Shae Invidiata” - an example of how a next gen used her head start in life to step up and pursue her passion, by creating the [free-them] foundation and inspiring others to follow her lead to help stop human trafficking . Next we delve into the intricacies of wealth management in the article “Wealth Management Defined”. This is followed by “An Introduction to Alternative Investments” - a primer on alternative assets and the pros and cons of using these non-traditional investments in portfolios.

Lastly, in our suggested reading we first highlight two non-fiction titles that deal with introverts and their strengths, and how they can cope, overcome hurdles such as bullying, and be successful in an extrovert world, and then introduce an award winning work of fiction that explores family dynamics and redemption. We hope you enjoy this summer edition and we wish you and your family a safe and happy summer!