• Arthur Salzer

Autumn 2014 - Preface

Welcome to the Fall Edition of Northland Wealth Management’s quarterly newsletter The Artisan. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight our new client statements which will provide a comprehensive view of your investment portfolios across accounts and on a consolidated basis. We report on all of your investments, net of fees, both before and after the effect of cash flows. This will provide an effective tool for gauging whether you are meeting your overall wealth objectives. Included is a sample statement to allow you to become better acquainted with the new format and to obtain a better understanding of the presentation. This is a project to which we have dedicated the better part of a year, along with significant resources, to provide an industry leading report for our clients. We think you will find it of value.

Inside this edition we cover the following topics: the value of effective networking and industry relationships; our quarterly market update and outlook; a closer look at the changing landscape in Canada’s west; insight on selecting an enjoyable bottle of wine; and finally some clarity on new reporting requirements for Canadians with U.S. assets. We hope you enjoy this autumn edition and we wish you and your family all the best during this beautiful Fall season!