• Arthur Salzer

Spring 2016 - Preface

We wish to share with you that Northland Wealth was honoured last month in New York City at the Family Wealth Report Awards as Best Canadian Multi-Family Office. When Northland Wealth was founded in 2011 it was with the belief that Canadian families deserve to be offered unbiased advice, transparency of fees, and access to leading institutional quality investments. The prestigious panel of judges at the event agreed and said, “It was Northland Wealth’s disciplined, comprehensive approach that has made them a leader in holistic wealth planning.” We will continue with our mission to help families by providing industry leading and unconflicted advice in order to meet our clients` goals and objectives.

In this edition of The Artisan our feature story is “Not all alternatives are equal”, which focuses on a few of the risks we consider before making investments in alternative instruments. We also examine Individual Pension Plans and the benefits they provide family business owners. We then travel west and highlight some of the challenges Western Canada is experiencing under the current lower energy price environment in the story “Western Woes.” We share all of this along with our market insights and more.

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