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Art Is My Anchor

Updated: May 2, 2020

Often we go through life keeping busy with work, family and many other obligations. It is not until “retirement” that we find the time to follow our passions and make an investment in ourselves. Mary, a client from Waterloo Ontario, is a perfect example of someone who has rekindled her passion and transitioned it into a viable business.

Art is my anchor, and the process of creating grounds me. Like many artists, I showed an interest in art early on. However my education did not take me in that direction.

Through my child rearing years, I always experimented with some form of art. First it was pottery, then water colours. It wasn’t until I moved to Waterloo that oils became my choice of media, but I found that too messy, so moved over to acrylics.

Throughout the years I have taken various classes, but it was not until we started wintering in Sarasota Florida, that I discovered abstract art and fell in love. I enrolled in the Sarasota Art Centre and have now taken numerous classes during the winter for the past six years.

Most of my work is acrylic on canvas or wooden panels, however I do mix that up with collage, oil sticks, cold wax, crayon and charcoal. My preference is to work on larger pieces - 3 feet by 3 feet being my favourite size to work with.

Mary has sold and displayed her paintings in both Florida and Ontario and has also been accepting a number of commissions.

As Mary has proven, it is never too late to chase your passion. Retirement has always been known as a change of pace, but maybe it should be considered as a change in direction, or better still, the next stage.

Invest in yourself! Follow your passion, whether it is to start a business, or simply provide the true joy you deserve. Life is too short and we should all make some time for ourselves and our passions.

If you are interested in connecting with Mary about her passion, please contact our office and we would be happy to assist.


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