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Family Office Services


Wealth Management

  • Detailed cash flow, income, asset and liability analysis based on key personal and actuarial assumptions.

  • Retirement scenario projections and required rate of return analysis after tax and inflation.

  • Consolidation of net worth and income statements along with analysis of key debt and cash flow ratios.

  • Estate planning for optimum asset protection and tax efficient transfers of wealth.

  • Risk management and insurance planning.


  • Next generation financial education.

  • Family foundations and philanthropy.

  • Family governance and multi-generational issues.

  • Personal and corporate cash management and bill paying.


  • Elite global network of family offices.

Investment Management


We help successful families preserve and grow their wealth using the same risk management principles employed by university endowments, pension plans and sovereign wealth funds.


We do this by utilizing alternative investments and managers that are only available to institutional investors.

  • Creation of customized client portfolios through asset allocation, manager and security selection.

  • Strategic (long-term) asset allocation and portfolio design.

  • Tactical (active) portfolio positioning to take advantage of valuations or dislocations in an asset class or sector of the market.

Northland selects the best possible solutions for our families - without conflict or bias.

  • Access to opportunistic investments that offer a higher return potential to exploit market dislocations due to a specific event either at the sector, industry or security level.

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Preserving Your Family's Legacy

Sound stewardship of a family's capital is the result of hard work, cooperation, the insistence on high standards and the consistent use of best practices.

At Northland our understanding of the importance of nurturing and growing a family's human capital along with their financial capital will help to ensure the success of your family's legacy over generations. 

Successful multi-generation family
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