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Client Profiles

Your family's tailored wealth solution


At Northland Wealth we give our clients peace of mind by providing objective and unconflicted advice.


We appreciate the uniqueness of each family and individual whereby we craft bespoke solutions to meet their complex needs.  

By drawing on our extensive 30+ years of portfolio management expertise managing and advising family offices, private wealth and institutional investors, we create investment portfolios designed to realize meaningful outcomes. 

In addition, our advising professionals have a broad range of expertise in financial & estate planning, family governance, philanthropy and closely held business and succession issues. 

To ensure the highest quality of service, Northland Wealth typically serves select families, individuals or institutions which generally have investment capital exceeding $10 million or a net worth greater than $20 million.

The Multi-Generational Family

A wealth creator present and in control, married with adult children. Mostly liquid wealth from the sale of a business, accumulated savings and real estate investments.

Successful multi-generation family enjoy

What Can Northland Wealth Management Provide?

  • Bespoke portfolios professionally managed to individual mandates

  • A relationship management team providing personal service and expert advice every step of the way

  • Education and guidance on financial matters

  • Full family relationships

  • Financial planning covering retirement, estates and taxation

  • Industry leading investment reporting with the ability to report on private investments

  • Regular meetings at a frequency determined by the family

  • Collaboration with the existing professional team such as lawyers and accountants

  • Facilitate the consolidation of investments and assets

Common Concerns (Prior to Working with Northland)

  • Worried about taking too much risk

  • Not sure who will manage things when no longer able to 

  • Concerned about estate tax liability

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