Northland Wealth Management was created to provide not only investment management services, but also holistic advice and counsel on the management and preservation of wealth for our clients. We were driven in no small part to create Northland by our intense dissatisfaction with traditional investment management providers: private banks, financial services firms, trust companies, and so on. Though great advisors may exist within those institutions, the institutions themselves had grown into a hub for the distribution of financial and investment products sold under the guise of advice.

When you talk to these advisors, some of whom are now part of the Northland Wealth Management team, they consistently describe situations of having had to protect their clients from their prior institution’s insatiable appetite for selling products. Although we believe a profit motivation can be beneficial, these institutions used their size and market power for their own self-interest—to gain access to investment managers or build products that they could sell to their clients or otherwise generate more income per client. In these situations, the institutions benefited from their growth, not their clients.

Conversely, Northland does not earn any incremental revenue as a result of the advice we give or the solutions we utilize. Northland’s growth translates into more choices and resources for our client families because we use our size only for their benefit. Northland has been built with a purpose — to be aligned with families and serve their individual needs and objectives.

Northland is a special formula of large firm experience and a boutique firm culture that consistently balances the two in the best interests of clients.



Northland Wealth is comprised of a team of accredited professionals with an average of 25 years experience, who share similar values and together put unprecedented control, power, knowledge and opportunity squarely on a client's side of the table.

Benefits of

Boutique Firm Culture

  • Personal knowledge of family

  • Detailed understanding of all assets and planning

  • Meetings at home or office

  • Coordination of other advisors

  • Stabilizing presence through major life events

  • Confidentiality


Benefits of Large Wealth Management Firm Experience

  • Deep and stable talent

  • Shared best practices

  • Secure custody of investments

  • Advanced systems and risk controls

  • Specialized investment mandates

  • Industry leading access to traditional & alternative investment opportunities

Northland's Core Values

Ethics and Accountability

We avoid conflicts of interest and are committed to a high standard of ethics.

Adherence to Beliefs

To be successful, wealth management must involve more than just managing money.

Critical Evaluation

We believe if we are not the best to provide a solution we will source the best solution for our clients.


We feel a sense of responsibility for the future success of our clients and their families.

Peace of mind

However you define it, we think that your wealth has to make you comfortable — it works for you and not the other way around.


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