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Above & Beyond

Northland Wealth Management was founded in 2011 with the mission to go above and beyond for the families we serve. This meant advising families on how to not just maintain, but to grow their financial and human capital over generations.

Our goal was to help families prevent the adage of "shirtsleeves-to-shirtsleeves in three generations". 

We achieve this by providing professional, unbiased advice and education combined with unfettered access to institutional quality traditional and alternative investment managers


Northland acts as a Fiduciary to the families we serve and adheres to the the CFA Code of Ethics. We do not earn any incremental revenue as a result of the advice we give or the solutions we utilize. 

Northland has been built with a purpose — to be aligned with families and serve their individual needs and objectives.



Benefits of

Boutique Firm Culture

  • Personal knowledge of family

  • Detailed understanding of all assets and planning

  • Meetings at home, office or online

  • Coordination of other advisors

  • Stabilizing presence through major life events

  • Confidentiality

  • Committed to highest standards of integrity, independence & service excellence


Benefits of Large Wealth Management Firm Experience

  • Industry leading financial intelligence, analysis and access to all asset classes and fund managers.

  • World-class professional talent

  • Global reach with an extensive international network 

  • Secure custody of investments

  • Advanced systems and risk controls



Northland's Core Values

We are Fiduciaries 

We avoid conflicts of interest and are committed to the highest standards of ethics. We Place Your Family First®. 

We go above and beyond

To be successful, wealth management must involve more than just managing money. Family governance and the transition of family values to the next generation is imperative. 

We are independent

We are family owned and operated. 

We are responsible 

We feel a sense of responsibility for the future success of the families we serve. 

We believe in family enterprise

As a Legacy Member of the Family Enterprise Canada - FEC, Northland has donated over $150,000 to educate and support Canadian business families since 2011. 

Learn how to become part of the Northland family.

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