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Joseph Abramson, CFA, MBA

Co-Chief Investment Officer

Joseph is a world-class talent that has advised some of Canada's most prominent ultra high-net-worth private investors, as well as many of the world's most sophisticated institutions. His specialties include: asset allocation; risk management and providing unique, cutting-edge, money-making insights into global financial markets. Over his 25+ year career, Joseph consistently outperformed his benchmarks, including as a Research Analyst at Senvest, a prominent and highly successful Wall Street hedge fund.

Joseph was also a Strategist for BCA Research, the world’s leading provider of global macro strategy research to institutional investors. During his tenure, prominent BCA clients included: OMERs, TD, CDPQ, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, Barclay's, Bank of Switzerland, and China Life. At BCA, he co-launched its Global Asset Allocation service which provides high-touch, interactive services to select top global institutional investment firms on all asset classes across all of the world’s regions. More recently, Joseph was the Chief Investment Officer for a Montreal-based advisory, private equity and venture capital firm.

Select highlights of Joseph’s career include:

  • Building a highly sophisticated, tax-efficient, cross border wealth management platform - including real estate, PE/VC, and alternative funds - for a $450 million Canadian single family office.

  • Creating a cutting-edge risk-adjusted investment framework for a top 10 UK wealth manager

  • Provided a regular, in-depth annual on-site outlook to top 50 Swiss pension plan

  • Creating a one-of-a-kind global sector/country matrix using proprietary indicators selected from over 1000 variables.

  • Presenting his global growth and currency views to a Special Parliamentary Committee. 

  • Being quoted regularly in prominent business publications such as the London Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and Barron’s.

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