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Advisor of the Year - Alternative Investments

The ICM Asset Management Award for Advisor of the Year – Alternative Investments

“We access the same investment opportunities, same managers at the same fees that the Canadian pensions access, which puts us apart from everyone else in the industry” – Arthur C. Salzer, Northland Wealth Management

HIS FIRM’S innovative philosophy, which redefines the traditional 60/40 split as 60% equities and fixed income and 40% alternatives, helped Arthur Salzer win Advisor of the Year for Alternative Investments. “It’s hard to generate alpha in the public markets, because you are not allowed to trade on material inside information,” Salzer said. “On the private markets, you are expected to trade on material inside information – it’s a big difference.”

“We believe that this is the market space that is set to grow because it is an underserved market in client portfolios,” said John Courtliff, managing director and portfolio manager at award sponsor ICM Asset Management. “We know of Arthur and know him reasonably well by reputation. He is very progressive and thoughtful in what he is doing for his clients.”


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