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Arthur Salzer Named as Part of Wealth Professional Canada's Hot List for 2016

Updated: May 18, 2020

These 50 leading figures in Canadian wealth management have created plenty of headlines over the past year, and their stories reflect the industry’s general realignment.

It's been a memorable 12 months since our last Hot List. The only thing predictable about the markets over the past year has been their unpredictability. But volatility can also provide windows of opportunity, and many on this year’s Hot List have excelled in this environment. 

The 50 men and women who made the cut this year exert considerable influence on the financial planning industry. That includes advisors and executives, of course, but also regulators, educators and government ministers, past and present. The past year has been far from plain sailing for many on the list, but all are notable for their ability to navigate such stormy seas. 

The industry is changing rapidly; those who can adapt best to new regulatory pressures and harness the constant upgrades in technology will be the ones who shape the future of wealth management. How different will next year’s Hot List look from this year’s selection? It’s an exciting thought

Family comes first for Arthur Salzer and the firm he founded in 2011, Northland Wealth Management. In this case, that means providing families with advice that runs the full gamut of wealth management, including not only financial capital (investing, financial planning and business advisory), but also human capital (education, family governance and philanthropy).

Using an ethos that wealth management should stretch across generations, Northland pledges to guide its clients along the right path to ensure their long-term future. That approach has proved fruitful – over the past five years, Salzer has seen his upstart firm emerge to become one of the nation’s leading wealth advisors, jumping from $187 million AUM in its introductory year to $370 million by the end of 2015.


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