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Best Investment Advisory Team in Canada

When Northland Wealth was founded 10 years ago, it was with the mission of providing independent, unbiased advice combined with the overriding mandate of protecting and carefully growing each family’s wealth over generations to come. We knew Canadian families deserved more than what was and is available in Canada through the banks, brokerages and insurance companies.

For the second year in a row, Northland Wealth was recognized at the 2021 Wealth Professional Awards as the Best Investment Advisory Team in Canada.

Northland was recognized for our 'best in class access' to institutional-quality investment opportunities in both traditional and alternative asset classes from around the world. This industry leading access combined with 'world class' reporting of alternative assets such as private equity, venture capital and real estate partnerships sets Northland apart.

From all of us at Northland Wealth, we wish to thank you and your family for placing your trust in us to advise, educate and support your family across generations.


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