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The Crucial Yet Overlooked Factor in OCIO Relationships for Foundations

When correctly executed, outsourcing the investment of nonprofit assets can provide essential support to families and organizations, enabling the establishment of robust governance processes, the effective management of intricate portfolios, and a clearer strategy to overcome operational complexity and risk management challenges. At Northland Wealth, we believe your financial partner should seamlessly integrate with your organization, become an integral part of your team.

Northland Wealth Finalist - Outsourced CIO -Family Wealth Report Awards 2024

Our Outsourced Chief Investment Office ("OCIO") program offers widespread support, extending the role of the Investment Officer to include Investment Analysts, an Operational Servicing Team, and a Relationship Manager. The OCIO team at Northland Wealth dives deep into understanding your organization's objectives, needs, and operations. Our aim is to partner with you, providing enhanced oversight throughout your entire enterprise.

When selecting your Outsourced Chief Investment Office, here are four questions to keep in mind:


Improving your Foundation's Efficiency

Northland Wealth is acknowledged for the superior, personalized service we offer to our clients, which extends beyond portfolio management. Our dedicated outsourced operations team provides daily support, assisting in areas such as cash flow management, portfolio rebalancing, administration, portfolio reconciliation, accounting, investment reporting, and audit support. Additionally, we track all capital call and distribution activity for illiquid programs and coordinate capital call and distribution management.

Reduced Operational Risk with Recogized Due Diligence

Northland Wealth - Highly Commended - Best family office - Due diligence process - Private Asset Management Awards 2022

Northland Wealth's teams carry out operational reviews and due diligence, ensuring any potential issues are addressed before final investment manager approval. We also conduct ongoing manager monitoring and reviews. As your OCIO, we review crucial documents and provide new investment subscription materials to ease the load on your staff.

Comprehensive Reporting Ensures Fidciary Duties are Met

We at Northland Wealth understand the importance of portfolio transparency for effective oversight and to ensure your fiduciary duties are met. We deliver timely and comprehensive reports that include consolidated statements, detailed portfolio investment reports, financial reports, fees, and other relevant materials. These reports are readily accessible on our client portal, and our team is available to provide additional information and address any inquiries from your staff and audit teams.

Full Support during Audit Season

Our OCIO team steps up during this intense period. Northland Wealth offers resources to support your audit needs, including comprehensive audit report packages, consolidated financial statements, and direct cooperation with your auditors as required.

The services provided by our OCIO team to your internal staff go beyond portfolio management to ensure your organization's success. At Northland, we focus on these vital elements, striving to become more than a service provider - but a partner in your mission.


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