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Firm Insights - Q1 2015

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

To begin the New Year, Northland Wealth Management would like to share some recognition for high achievement that our firm has received from our peers. We have recently been featured

as one of the top Outstanding Independent Offices in Canada by Wealth Professional Magazine.

We are the first Canadian wealth management firm to be selected as a finalist in three categories: Best Client Service for a Multi-Family Office with Assets Under $2.5 Billion; Best Newcomer – Private Wealth Manager; and Best Registered Investment Advisor for High Net-Worth Advisory; for the prestigious annual Private Asset Management Magazine Awards. Lastly, we have been named as a finalist for the highly coveted Family Wealth Report 2015 Awards in the category of Best Non-Bank Canadian Wealth Manager - against the 225 year old institution BNY Mellon. These awards are held annually in New York City.

In our recommended reading section we delve into two non-fiction titles: Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Story by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kon-Tiki, that deal with using one’s intuition to see what could be possible and then to overcome hurdles and challenges by attempting, and then succeeding in, something that has not been tried before.

This ties into our discussions surrounding Impact Investing, whereby a new breed of investor has the foresight and determination to show that investments can be made for the betterment of society while at the same time making a profit. Also in the article Unmasking Pooled Funds we discuss the merits of using pooled funds to access sought-after alternative asset managers and opportunities.

We hope you enjoy this winter edition of The Artisan and we wish you and your family a health, happy and prosperous 2015!


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