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Covid-19 Update

When Northland Wealth Management was founded 9 years ago, it was with the mission of providing independent, unbiased advice combined with the overriding mandate of protecting and carefully growing each family’s wealth over generations to come. We knew Canadian families deserved more than what was and is available in Canada through the banks, brokerages and insurance companies.

With the incredible speed and severity with which the COVID-19 pandemic (which originated in Wuhan, China) has spread around the world, the result has been that many countries have experienced their greatest economic shock since 1929. In an attempt to slow down the contagion until health care facilities had sufficient resources to treat infected people, governments mandated self-quarantining, lockdowns and closure of many businesses and public areas. Although regarded as ‘essential businesses’, many financial firms were not prepared for the requirement for remote working. While our families and managers are with Northland’s two offices, our headquarters being in the GTA and the second in Calgary, we have had the ability to work from home, or anywhere in the world, since our founding in 2011. In many cases whether we are on the road meeting families or travelling to meet managers, we have been able to work remotely. The only modification that we have made recently has been the utilization of video-conferencing for our internal and client meetings. Otherwise, for the most part, it’s business as usual.

Our feature story is our market commentary entitled A Tale of Two Sinks which delves into our current economic situation, the risks we face and the opportunities we see. We then discuss the benefits of having a Life Plan and how having one helps a family to better navigate unplanned events in our article A Dose of Medicine. In our story Not All Alternative Investments are Cut from the Same Cloth we delve into our industry leading due diligence process. These insights and more are in this edition of The Artisan.

Lastly, thank you to all the families who place your trust in Northland Wealth. We will continue to provide the highest level of care and service you deserve and expect. During these challenging times, please don’t hesitate to speak with any member of the firm should you have any worries or concerns. We are here to help you.


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