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Northland Celebrates at Family Enterprise of the Year 2019 Event

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Gregory Lawrence, Arthur Salzer, Grant Dawes, Alexandra Salzer and Victor Kuntzevitsky

As a long-time supporter of the Family Enterprise Xchange – FEX, Northland Wealth attended the 2019 Family Enterprise of the Year Awards to celebrate Canadian families and their businesses. We wish to congratulate all the finalists and especially the Regional Group and the Gordon Family of Ottawa for their win. As a national judge for the second year in a row, Arthur reported it was a highly contested event with all families displaying great examples of how to successfully transition their family enterprises across generations.

In this edition of The Artisan, our feature story “Life after a Bubble?”, which originally was published in the June edition of the Financial Post Magazine, looks at how Northland Wealth discovered a new asset class – digital assets. Then, with the tax year end getting closer every day, we address the challenges of adding the next generation onto their parents’ accounts or home in the article "Joint with Rights of Survivorship”. As with the curse, ‘may you live in interesting times’, we examine the unprecedented and ‘interesting’ situation of $17 trillion of bonds yielding less than 0% and what that implies in the article “Negative Interest Rates and What do They Mean?”. Lastly, making an investment in any asset class requires extensive due diligence and research. In the article “The Process of Adding Cryptocurrencies”, we outline the process that Northland followed before we made a recent investment.

As we enter the last quarter of this decade, we hope you enjoy these articles along with our regular market insights.


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