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Firm Insights - Spring 2015

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

At Northland, we understand that a family’s true wealth is more than the sum of its balance sheet, and also includes the sum total well being of family members.

In this edition of The Artisan, we first will share with you some recent accolades and recognition we have received from our industry peers.

Most recently, Northland Wealth was awarded Best Canadian Wealth Manager at the Family Wealth Report Awards held in NYC this past month. This is a significant accomplishment as the winners of other categories included industry leading banks, trust companies and family offices from across North America.

We also received the Highly Commended recognition in the category of Best Newcomer (North America) – Private Wealth Manager at the 2015 Private Asset Management Awards which was held in NYC in February after being shortlisted in three categories.

Lastly, Arthur Salzer, our Founder and CEO, was ranked the #1 Advisor in Canada from Wealth Professional Magazine’s Canada’s - Best Financial Advisors.

Our feature story will focus on creative contributing, and how a successful business family dealt with the loss of a child by moving past its grief and discovered that by sharing their son’s artistic vision, they could assist charities in helping others. We then discuss the movement toward a new kind of philanthropy where instead of simply giving their wealth away, philanthropists are demanding accountability from charitable organizations. Measurable outcomes, applying business models to non-profits, and using donor advised funds are how the new philanthropy ensures accountability. The focus then goes to investing as we explain how the benefits of a low volatility portfolio can have a multiplier effect on building wealth by enhancing investor discipline. Knowing that protecting what you have is a key part of growing your wealth, we discuss the prevalence of fraud in Canada and how to reduce the risk of fraud. Finally, we also introduce you to the newest professional to join Northland Wealth.


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