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The ARTISAN Podcast - The Search for Yield: Where to Find Income Now?

Welcome to Northland’s The ARTISAN Podcast - a behind the scenes look where we share insights and views from some of the world’s top investors. The objective is to provide a deeper understanding of the complex challenges investors face today and the risks and opportunities we see for tomorrow.

In this episode, our guest speaker is Alpine Macro's Chief U.S. Strategist & Director of Research David Abramson along with Northland's Co-CIO Joseph Abramson and our moderator, Arthur Salzer, CEO.

Key issues to be discussed in this podcast include:

  • The best income opportunities available at present?

  • How will the economic re-opening impact bond markets?

  • What is the interest rate outlook at the Fed and Bank of Canada?

  • How to survive a blow-up in the bond market?

David Abramson is a Partner and Chief U.S. Strategist & Director of Research with Alpine Macro. For 28 years, David was a Macro Strategist holding a variety of senior roles at BCA Research. Most recently, he was Chief U.S. Strategist and also Director of Research for the firm.

During his tenure at BCA Research, David launched and managed the European Strategy and Commodity & Energy Strategy services. In addition, he was the Managing Editor for the Foreign Exchange Strategy and the China Investment Strategy services. He has taught international finance to MBAs at McGill University for 20 years, and is on the Client Committee of the Kenneth Woods Portfolio Management Program at Concordia University.