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Canadian Family Office Receives North American Recognition

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

The nominations for the PAM Awards – Private Asset Management magazine’s annual recognition of those doing good work within the private asset management industry – have just been released. A Canadian firm notched three nominations, the first ever from north of the border. 

Toronto-based Northland Wealth Management is the recipient of these nominations, which include:

  • Best multi-family office for client service with AUM under $2.5B

  • Best newcomer – private wealth manager

  • Best RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) for HNW (High Net Worth) advisory

WPs highlighted the benefits of family offices in recent weeks including producing a video (soon to be available on our website) with Northland Wealth Management CEO Arthur Salzer that discusses the developments taking place in this relatively new corner of the wealth management industry. Advisors would be wise to explore how firms like Salzer’s operate. The trio of nominations certainly indicates the Northland business model is gaining traction with high net worth investors in Canada. With the word “holistic” seemingly everywhere in wealth management these days, replicating the multi-family office platform could provide an advisor’s business with a significant boost. As for Northland, they’re humbled by the recognition. Says Salzer of the nominations,

“We’ve been selected to compete against the best of our peer group across North America, including multi-billion AUM firms like Aspiriant and Convergent. Winners of the PAM Awards are considered to be the elite of the multi-family office and wealth management providers.”

Northland was founded with a vision of providing Canadian families possessing significant financial wealth with the finest guidance and independent advice possible built upon a customer service platform second-to-none. In closing, WP asked Salzer for comment. He stated in a quick email:

“For Northland Wealth Management to be recognized that we are able to compete on the same level as the elite American firms within our industry in just over three years of our founding is a great success – however, there is much more to come for next year.”

“We can’t wait.”   


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