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Firm Insights- Spring 2014

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

At Northland Wealth we strive to ensure we find and utilize the best solutions - not just suitable solutions for client portfolios – as a fiduciary, we have a legal obligation. Due diligence is a continual process that occurs not only before we invest, but after. Part of this process is the ongoing review of sectors and managers within portfolios against relevant peers to ensure that the managers are meeting their objectives and helping our clients achieve their specific goals.

This is one of the reasons why we share with you many of the conferences, summits and events that the professionals of Northland Wealth attend and speak at.

This past month, Arthur Salzer attended the Opal Real Estate Investors Summit held in Miami where he participated as a member of the Advisory Board, providing guidance on relevant topics and key-note speakers, in addition to moderating a panel discussion entitled “Opportunities in Distressed Real Estate”. This event was of particular importance as many of the US real estate managers that we invest with attended the event. It was good to get the latest progress reports, updates on market activity, and to tour some of the local properties in which we are currently invested.

Lastly, Northland Wealth is proud to announce the addition of a new Principal in our firm – Merv Simpson. Mr. Simpson brings with him a 30 year career in public accounting where he has been involved in overseeing a variety of owner-managed businesses, usually as a Director of their private company boards. In addition, he brings with him significant property management experience through the leasing, development and management of commercial/retail properties across Canada. Merv is currently a Managing Partner of VRG Capital Corp – a merchant banking firm since 2011. He has also been an external Director to Northland Wealth Management for the past 2 ½ years. Please welcome Merv to our team.


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