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AIMA Webinar: Outlook for Canadian Alternative Investments in 2021

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

This video was recorded on February 4, 2021

Alternative allocations are showing an increase importance in both institutional and retail portfolios, as investors seek diversification from low-interest bonds and high-valued equities, alongside downside protection amid volatility and non-correlated returns. AIMA has identified several trends to impact 2021 both globally and in Canada, with regards to alternative investments, including:

  • Product innovation, with increased liquid alternatives and digital asset product

  • Importance of ESG and sustainable finance

  • Review of operating models with hybrid working environments

  • A cultural revolution to attract and retain employees with a focus on diversity, equity & inclusion

  • Digitalization acceleration

  • Growth in alternative investments asset allocation

Join us for a robust discussion on these trending topics and more as our speakers discuss the Outlook for Canadian Alternative Investments in 2021 and where they best fit in a globally balanced asset allocation model.


  • Jonathan Vapsva, Executive Director, Investment Funds, CIBC Private Wealth Management

  • Arthur Salzer, CEO & CIO, Northland Wealth Management

  • Mark Brisley, Managing Director and Head, Dynamic Funds

  • Rob Lemon, Executive Director, Prime Services, CIBC Capital Markets

  • Jeannine LiChong, Executive Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Waratah Capital Advisors Ltd.


  • Claire Van Wyk-Allan, Director, Head of Canada, AIMA


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