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In this section which we call The Artisan, is Northland's online newsletter. It's made up of the hand-crafted insights created by the accredited, experienced professionals of Northland. 


At Northland we understand the critical role of a family office in advising the family to not just grow its financial capital, but its human capital as well. Education and the sharing of best practices reduces the odds of 'shirtsleeves-to-shirtsleeves' in three generations is a key role that Northland serves.  

The Artisan was created to not only delve into timely topics such as our views of the markets and investing, but to educate our families on subjects such as how and why the use of a multi-manager, multi-asset class portfolios provide better return vs. risk. We examine the role of alternative asset classes such as private equity, real estate, hedge funds and private credit in the creation of a superior portfolio.


Lastly, we cover the 'softer' but often more challenging family office topics such as the benefits of financial and estate planning, family governance, transition planning and philanthropy in the creation of successful multi-generational family.


The Artisan

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