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Recommended Reading: Titan - The John D. Rockefeller Story by Ron Chernow

John D. Rockefeller was one of the most influential Americans of his time, and Titan: The John D. Rockefeller Story by Ron Chernow chronicles his lifelong journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of the wealthiest men in history.

Improving risk and return for a family enterprise

After making his fortune in the oil industry, Rockefeller continued to shape American business and society through his philanthropy, political influence, and creation of the first family office. In this book review, we will explore the many facets of Rockefeller's life and legacy as Chernow masterfully brings his story to life.

Hard Work & Values

The book begins with Rockefeller's upbringing in the early 19th century, highlighting his family's religious and austere values. These values would shape Rockefeller's character and influence his future business decisions. After establishing himself as a young businessman in Cleveland, Rockefeller founded Standard Oil, which would go on to control over 90% of the nation's oil refining and distribution.

Chernow takes readers through Rockefeller's ruthless tactics in business, including his controversial monopolistic practices, which eventually led to the dissolution of Standard Oil by the Supreme Court.


Contribution to Philanthropy

Throughout the book, Chernow offers insight into Rockefeller's personality, both positive and negative. Rockefeller was a man of contradictions, often portrayed as both stingy and charitable. Chernow emphasizes the importance of Rockefeller's religious beliefs, which led him to donate enormous sums to institutions such as the University of Chicago and the Rockefeller Foundation. These philanthropic efforts were not only remarkable in their scale but also helped shape the landscape of American education and medicine.


Creation of First Family Office

One of the most significant contributions Rockefeller made was the creation of the first family office. The family office is a dedicated team of professionals that manages the financial and legal affairs of wealthy families, and Rockefeller's version was the first of its kind. The concept of the family office has since spread throughout the world and remains a cornerstone of modern wealth management. Chernow delves into the origin story of the family office and Rockefeller's vision for its role in his family's legacy.


Business & Politics

Chernow also explores Rockefeller's political influence, including his role in the abolitionist movement and his lobbying for corporate interests. Rockefeller was a shrewd political player who balanced his interests while navigating the tumultuous waters of American politics. Chernow contextualizes Rockefeller's actions within the larger framework of American history, highlighting how his influence extended well beyond business and philanthropy.

A Must Read

In conclusion, Titan: The John D. Rockefeller Story is a masterful biography that provides an engaging narrative of Rockefeller's life and legacy. Chernow brings the complex and often contradictory figure of Rockefeller to life, showcasing his rise to power and impact on American society. The book provides valuable insights into Rockefeller's character, business tactics, and philanthropic contributions, as well as the creation of the first family office. It is a must-read for anyone interested in American history, business, or philanthropy. Chernow's scrupulous research and elegant prose make Titan an approachable, informative, and thoroughly engaging read.


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