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Recommended Reading - The Complete Family Office Handbook

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

A Guide for Affluent Families and the Advisors Who Serve Them

The Complete Family Office Handbook by Dr. Kirby Rosplock

Discover new insights on how to setup, manage, and advise wealthy families and their family offices.

The Complete Family Office: A Guide for Affluent Families and the Advisors Who Serve Them, 2nd Edition represents the newest update to an essential series. This book prepares the members of wealthy families to collectively manage, sustain, and grow their wealth across multiple generations. It also assists professionals who advise families to better serve their needs.

This book teaches those who advise family offices and wealthy families on:

- How to setup, structure, and advise a family office

- Current compliance, fiduciary and risk management practices for a family office

- Forward-thinking investment management, estate planning, and private trust company considerations

- Fresh insights on philanthropy, legacy, and impact investing

- Best practices to managing family wealth education and preparing next generation owners

- New insights on family governance, strategic planning, and succession

- Methods to create a family constitution, mission, and vision for families and their family offices.

The Complete Family Office Handbook provides the most comprehensive, current research, practical guidance, and approaches from leading family offices from around the globe and illustrates, by way of practical case studies and examples, how families can effectively manage their wealth for the long term.

In the updated and revised Second Edition of The Complete Family Office Handbook: A Guide for Affluent Families and the Advisors Who Serve Them, celebrated author and advisor Kirby Rosplock demystifies the concept of the family office. Showing you exactly how to identify whether joining a family office is right for you, the book details the services rendered by typical family offices and the associated costs.

The book provides the most current knowledge, research, and cutting-edge insights from thought leaders in the family office sector. It provides practical tools, templates, and exercises to guide family office practitioners as they create plans for their family office. The Second Edition of The Complete Family Office Handbook also includes brand new case studies, examples, and a dedicated chapter on establishing a private trust company that will be invaluable to family offices.

Perfect for families who need assistance managing, sustaining, and growing their wealth across multiple generations, The Complete Family Office Handbook explains how family offices aid families in the management of their tax, fiduciary, and compliance needs in addition to addressing investment governance and risk management. Further, the book reviews the various family office structures, assesses philanthropic and impact investment strategies, and presents modernized approaches to family wealth education. Finally, the book explores how family governance and wealth transfer are enhanced by the creation of continuity, cohesion, and purpose within the family.

An indispensable resource for family office executives and the families they serve, The Complete Family Office Handbook belongs on the bookshelves of consultants, advisors, trustees, and providers to wealthy families, as well as any other professional working with family offices. This volume will educate affluent families and individuals, philanthropists, and industry professionals about the vital services provided by family offices for the benefit of today's generation and tomorrow's.


"The Second Edition of The Complete Family Office handbook is a must read update from the original. Every family office practitioner and member of enterprising families should have a hardcover version of this in their library. Not to worry, there is a Kindle version as well. The case studies are exceptional and provide real life examples of the challenges and solutions to successfully maintaining family wealth over generations."

Arthur C. Salzer, CFA, Founder & CEO of Northland Wealth Management

"The Second Edition of The Complete Family Office Handbook is packed with new and updated information. However, the book is much more than just an update. Rather, it offers a fresh perspective on the current and evolving state of family offices. There are lots of valuable insights and practical tips to help families, family offices, and their advisors understand and anticipate the issues and opportunities that they face today. The new case studies in particular bring the family office world to life in a meaningful and instructive way. Congratulations to Kirby and her collaborators for a job well done."

Kathryn M. McCarthy, independent advisor to families and family offices; Director, The Rockefeller Trust Company, N.A.

"As a trusted advisor to a family owned and operated business, Kirby's Second Edition of The Complete Family Office Handbook will be an invaluable resource. Focused on the needs of enterprising families and their professional advisors, Kirby has updated and improved the guide to the Family Office, providing information and advice that is timely and sophisticated yet practical and clear. Kirby's use of family stories and case studies brings the topics to life and makes this book a pleasure to read."

Justin M. Zamparelli, General Counsel, Vineyard Vines

"The Second Edition of The Complete Family Office Handbook brings together the latest developments in family office management, coupled with hands-on practitioner insights. Families, advisors, and executives will find actionable strategies and new ideas in the evolving world of family offices."

Stephen Campbell, Managing Director and Chairman, Citi Private Capital Group

"Once again, Kirby blends the strategic with the tactical and emphasizes the practical. This Second Edition provides a breadth of up to the moment research, new case examples, and best practices. Much more time is dedicated to investment governance. Even if you have the First Edition, you will find this work to be a meaningful update."

John Benevides, Regional Executive, Private Wealth Management, U.S. Bank; former Chair, YPO Global Family Business Network

"Kirby Rosplock's The Complete Family Office Handbook was an invaluable resource when it was first published. This Second Edition is a must-read that offers new and extremely relevant content and case studies, resources, best practices, and industry trends that provides families and family offices with the insights and tools they need to move forward with confidence. I highly recommend this comprehensive guide to anyone that is operating or contemplating the formation of a family office!"

Steve Prostano, Partner, PKF O'Connor Davies LLP; Founder, The UHNW Institute

"This Second Edition is essential reading. The book is a timeless guide that provides families and their advisors comprehensive and practical knowledge to help navigate the landscape of complexity of today's family office." Linda Bourn, National Director, Family Enterprise Risk Practice, Alliant Private Client


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