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Northland Wealth Commended for Going Above and Beyond - FWR Awards 2021

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Northland Wealth Management - Commended for Best Multi-Family Office at 2021 Family Wealth Report Awards

In an era where distinction and dedication in wealth management stand paramount, it’s a moment of pride and celebration as Northland Wealth Management, a stellar Canadian family office, transcends international boundaries to clinch the prestigious Family Wealth Report Award 2023 for Best Canadian Wealth Manager. This notable accolade echoes Northland’s unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards in wealth management, embodying innovation, excellence, and a unique client-centric approach.

A Riveting Victory in Unchartered Territories:

The win at the Family Wealth Report Awards is emblematic of Northland’s robust global impact and their unyielding dedication to offering unparalleled wealth management solutions. The Family Wealth Report Awards stand as an epitome of professional excellence, making this victory a testament to Northland’s resounding success in navigating the complex world of wealth management.

Commenting on the firm’s triumph, Arthur Salzer, Founder & CEO of Northland said:

"Given the challenges that everyone around the world faced this past year during the COVID-19 lockdowns, our families knew that their family office - Northland would always go above and beyond for them. We are delighted to have been Commended in this incredibly competitive category."

ClearView Financial Media’s CEO, and Publisher of Family Wealth Report, Stephen Harris, was first to extend his congratulations to all the winners and commended firms and individuals. He said:

These awards were judged solely on the basis of entrants’ submissions and their response to a number of specific questions, which had to be answered focusing on the client experience, not solely on quantitative performance metrics. That is a unique, and I believe, compelling feature.
These awards recognize the very best operators in the private client industry, with ‘independence’, ‘integrity’ and ‘genuine insight’ the watchwords of the judging process - such that the awards truly reflect excellence in wealth management.

Northland Wealth Management: A Beacon of Excellence

In a financial landscape punctuated with challenges, Northland Wealth Management emerges as a beacon of expertise, integrity, and innovative strategy. Their Open Architecture Platform and cutting-edge solutions stand at the convergence of tradition and innovation, offering UHNW investors a strategic pathway to wealth optimization, protection, and growth.

Why Families of Significant Wealth Choose Northland:

Holistic Wealth Management:

  • UHNW investors find solace in Northland’s holistic and personalized approach to wealth management, seamlessly integrating various facets of financial management to curate bespoke strategies.

Expertise in Complex Assets:

  • With a deep understanding of complex assets, including alternative investments and private equity, Northland proves to be a reliable navigator in the intricate world of high-stake investments.

Unparalleled Client-Centric Approach:

  • The unwavering commitment to prioritizing clients’ goals and visions stands as a cornerstone of Northland’s philosophy, ensuring every financial strategy is aligned with each family member's long-term objectives.

Looking Ahead with Northland:

As we revel in this international recognition, the journey doesn’t end here. Northland Wealth Management continues to forge ahead, committed to bolstering its status as a frontrunner in wealth management across the globe. The dedicated team, empowered by knowledge, insight, and a pioneering spirit, is devoted to steering families of significant wealth towards a horizon of multigenerational sustained wealth.

Learn more about the Family Wealth Report Awards.

About ClearView Financial Media Ltd (“ClearView”)

ClearView Financial Media was founded by Chief Executive, Stephen Harris twenty years ago, to provide high quality ‘need to know’ information for the discerning private client community. London-based, but with a truly global focus, ClearView publishes the Family Wealth Report and WealthBriefing group of newswires, along with research reports and newsletters, while also running a pan-global thought-leadership awards and events program.

Family Wealth Report is unaffiliated with Northland Wealth Management.


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