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Northland Partners with University of Toronto

At Northland we are always trying to give back to our community. This past Autumn, Northland participated in the University of Toronto (U of T) Economics Internship program. This program was overseen by Northland's Co-Chief Investment Officer, Joseph Abramson.

The two U of T interns that were chosen were Anny Zhao and Kashish Chhabira. Both are extremely bright, driven and were seeking real-world experience.

Anny is creative and spirited, can program in Python and is always looking for new challenges. Her internship focused upon Digital and Social Media Marketing. It was very rewarding to have the opportunity to mentor and guide her through this journey. Not only did she learn about LinkedIn event marketing and how to perform web-scraping, but also that she has the talent, tenacity, and resourcefulness to become an expert in areas that she previously knew little about.

"Extremely valuable hands-on experience, with a friendly and supportive work environment. I learned so many new skills and was able to apply what I learned in the classroom to my internship. My mentor challenged me to think outside of the box which helped foster my creativity."

Anny Zhao, U of T Economics/Finance program

Our second intern, Kashish, is one of the hardest working individuals we have ever come across. While completing her final year at U of T, she interned at Northland, held a Teaching Assistant position, and worked at Amazon. To be honest, we are not sure she ever slept. Her internship was focused on investment research and basic due diligence. It was quite rewarding to impart some of our decades of investment wisdom on such a young and eager mind. We believe this will not only help here make better investment decisions, but improve the process by which she makes those decisions as well.

“Amazing to learn from such talented and experienced individuals! Working with them has allowed me to not only learn more about Northland, but also about myself."

Kashish Chhabira, U of T Economics/Finance program

In summary, the University of Toronto internship experience was highly rewarding for all involved and Northland definitely plans to continue participating in the future.


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