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Welcome to The Artisan, Northland's online newsletter where you'll find expert insights crafted by our accredited professionals. 

At Northland, we recognize the vital role of a family office in not only growing financial capital, but also human capital. We believe that education and sharing best practices are crucial in preventing generational wealth decline. That's why Northland is dedicated to serving as a key resource in this important endeavor.

The Artisan goes beyond just discussing market views and investments. We aim to educate our families on the benefits of utilizing a multi-manager, multi-asset class portfolios for better returns and risk management. We also delve into the role of alternative asset classes such as private equity, real estate, hedge funds, and private credit in building exceptional portfolios.

In addition, we address the often overlooked but critical aspects of family office management. Topics such as financial and estate planning, family governance, transition planning, and philanthropy are explored, highlighting their crucial role in creating successful multi-generational families.

Stay informed, educated, and empowered with The Artisan, your go-to resource for all things family office.


The Artisan

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