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Firm Insights: Re-assessing multifamily investment approaches in current markets

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

With private real estate being an important part of a balanced multi-asset class portfolio, Advisor of the Year - Alternative Investments, Arthur Salzer, shared his 30 years of real estate investing experience at GoReal 2018 on a panel discussion with the Greg Romundt - Founder of Centurion REIT, Derek Lobo - Founder of SVN Canada, and Evan Kirsh, President - US Multi-Family, Starlight Investments.

Topics included:

  • Value-add and stabilized properties across the risk/return spectrum;

  • Getting into the construction game: The new deal flow?

  • How shifting demographics and lifestyle attitudes impact the rental market;

  • Property value and cashflow enhancement techniques;

  • Boosting tenant acquisition and retention rates;

  • Portfolio diversification and risk management.


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