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The ARTISAN Podcast: Will the Fed or BoC Ever be Able to Raise Interest Rates?

Updated: 5 days ago

In this episode of Northland's - The ARTISAN Video Podcast: Explore with us the topic, "Will the Fed or BoC Ever Be Able to Raise Rates?", with Northland's Co-CIOs Arthur Salzer and Joseph Abramson and our guest speaker, Alpine Macro's Chief U.S. Bond Strategist Mark McClellan.

Key issues to be discussed on this podcast include:

- Fed and BoC rate outlook?

- What happens if Alpine is correct and the Fed can't raise rates?

- Will the Canadian housing bubble get far larger before bursting?

- Will the Canadian dollar explode higher crippling our economy?

Mark McClellan is Alpine Macro’s Chief U.S. Bond Strategist. Prior to joining Alpine Macro, Mark was a Senior VP and held numerous key positions during his 23-year career at BCA Research, including Chief Global Fixed Income Strategist. He was instrumental in developing and directing several fixed income publications, including the BCA Global Fixed Income Strategy and the U.S. Bond Strategy services. Mark also covered U.S. asset allocation when he headed the U.S. Investment Strategy service, as well as BCA’s centerpiece publication, the monthly Bank Credit Analyst. Mark began his career as an economist and macro forecaster at the Bank of Canada, and holds a M.A. (Economics) from Western University and a B.A. (Economics) from McMaster University.